ADAnalysis for Matlab™ is a software library that allows an adaptive data analysis approache for the various applications in a number of scientific fields.



Key features of the library:

  • decomposition of the time-series into empirical modes (IMF) with EMD, EEMD, CEEMDAN (optimized for multi-core processors and computer clusters)
  • time-series noise components filtering (i.e. smoothing)
  • time-series trend-cyclic component estimation and stochastic part filtering
  • Hilbert transform and calculation of the smoothed instantaneous characteristics of the analytical signal
  • calculation of time-dependent intrinsic correlation (TDIC) and local sliding-window correlation for empirical modes
  • estimation of time-dependent intrinsic regression (TDIR) in adaptive sliding-window for empirical modes.

Library source code is available under the GNU GPL v.2 license in ADAnalysis repository on GitHub.


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  • EMD and EEMD impementation for Matlab
  • CEEMDAN impementation for Matlab