Good afternoon, everybody. Today I ran a personal web-site, on which I will try to publish facts about themselves, my know-how in areas of interest to me, as well as a little bit about their hobbies and travel.

On this website you can find the following information:

  • basic information about me: facts from the biography, education, resume and etc.;
  • my achievements and results in the scientific field: econometrics, mathematical modeling, and everything related to this;
  • some useful software modules for the Matlab™, R and Java in the field of mathematical modeling;
  • source code for my articles, which I write within the postgraduate program of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation;
  • information about what I do every day at work: managing a team of developers on Java / ABAP for SAP NetWeaver Portal™ and automation of operational business processes based on SAP Business Process Management™;
  • information about my main hobby – diving: links to relevant articles and books, my personal views and thoughts about the approach to this hobby, and some travel notes of our trips with my wife;

Hopefully the information on this web-site will be useful for you!